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Music to Cook Food By…

19 Mar
nom nom nom nom

Harry Hill would surely agree with me when I say that… I like tasty food but then I like inventive lyrics in a diverse range of songs… but which is better…. FIGHT… !!

…no hang on. Why can’t we have both combined? Yeah. That could work.

Below are fourteen of my favourite songs with tasty or boozey lyrics. Did I miss any of your number ones? If so then you know what to do. Otherwise, please, drink them up…

14 Stalwart of Italian restaurants and impossible to resist singing along to, whether or not you’ve had too much wine, that’s Dean Martin’s Amore.

13 In Eggplant by Michael Franks, we are welcomed into a quite fruity and bizarre world. Where his baby sticks to him like white rice and seems to answer to “eggplant”.  He reflects, “Maybe its the way she grates her cheese,  Or just the freckles on her knees” before deciding to “just have it raw with mayonnaise.” Smooth jazzy genius.

12 In Forgot About Dre, the eponymous hero boasts about he can finally afford to provide his family wit groceries. And why wouldn’t he.

11 Confessing in I Wish, about how “Mama gives you money for Sunday school, You trade yours for candy after church is through” Stevie Wonder lays it all bare. But I think we’d all do the same.

10 The funkiest song on this list by far is James Brown’s Popcorn. Come on!

9 With their Chop Suey style, Jurassic 5 be cookin from here to brooklin in Concrete Schoolyard. And it sounds so so good.

8 Lamenting on being busted in the office for too many nights on the lash, The Rakes lament how “I’ve got the same shirt on for two days in a row, with the Soya sauce stain so everyone will know” in Work Work Work (Pub Club Sleep).

7 This couldn’t really be a list of food-based songs without the Stones and without Brown Sugar. You’re welcome.

6 Not really about food, ahem, but evocative of cooking is Bob Marley’s Stir it up.

5 New Young Pony Club talk about the sauce you crave, chocolate flavour love theme and sweet dream Ice-Cream.

4 Possibly the naffest song on my list. But please don’t hate me. Once upon a time, Shanks and Big Foot were music to everyone’s ears. They were Sweet like Chocolate.

3 Infectious, sweet and delicious. Kelis’s milkshake would bring me to the yard.

2 Rapping about cheese on toast, swigging beetroot juice, jerk chicken, jerk fish… the amazing Witness (One Hope) by Roots Manuva.

And an honorary mention for:

1 Dire Straits. Why? Because When I was little I thought the song went Money for Nothing.. and your chips for free!