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Intros: We be burnin’ (Calories)

20 Jan

my trusty steed.

  It can’t all be troughing and scoffing. When you love frocks as much as cheese and cake something has to give, right? – unless it’s to be the button on your jeans! – and so to keeping fit.

I like to keep trim (love that word) by cycling my lovely bike, Pete, to work and all over London. He’s light and fast and the sheer adreneline (London traffic = shredded nerves) seems to help burn off the calories. However, I have been spectacuarly lame recently as the snow has forced me onto the bus. Boo. I have also almost entirely quit running, a big shame as it was reported this week that it improves memory, and anyway, once I’m out there pounding the pavements it really makes me happy, it seems in short a cure to all ills.

I intend to start being waaaay more active henceforth. If only so the pie tastes even better once I’ve earnt it.


About Would Like to Eat…

14 Jan


thanks for coming to Would like to Eat. This blog was set up because I love to cook – and even more – I love to scoff. Nibble. and trough!

I want to share recipes that work, and the disasters that don’t, my experiences with new cuisines, write ups of good cafes, markets and restaurants, favourite songs to cook to, films with food and guilty pleasures.

I hope it goes down well! Hannah x

Drinking in a Finnish German Beerhall