Review: Bodean’s BBQ

28 May

Pork fest


10 Poland Street, London, W1F 8PZ

020 7287 7575

At the end of summer Josh and I will embark on another American Roadtrip but this time, we will leave behind the ochre New England forests and salty Cape Cod beaches for the sticky, soulful South.  Already my tummy rumbles at the prospect of beignets and po’boys in New Orleans, pulled pork in Memphis, slow burning tamales in Clarksdale, meat and three in Nashville, crab and shrimp in Charleston and stacks and stacks and stacks of sweet, smoky barbecue.

Today, we were treated to a preview of these waist-expanding delights when we accompanied Josh’s parents to Bodean’s in Soho.  Upstairs the floor is laid-out like a diner – all white tiles, stools at the counters and baseball on the telly.  Downstairs it’s dimly lit, tartan carpets and green leather straight back booths – to my eternal shame I’m yet to set foot in an Angus Steakhouse – but I imagine the decor is broadly the same; and this is no bad thing.

Our service was quick, friendly and eager to please.  We began with cocktails.  Josh had the dubious sounding ‘largerita’ – a concoction of beer and tequilla which I promise was better than it sounds – whilst Howard plumped for a trusty mojito and I nursed a short cocktail made with apple juice and Kraken black spiced rum – lipsmacking.

Sweet smoky goodness

We ordered a plate to share to whet our appetites and quickly tucked into sticky chicken wings, pork fajitas, crab cakes and ribs, which we drizzled with blue cheese sauce.  Very nice all of it.  But then the main act arrived on the stage and was simply “ribs ribs, RIBS!”  I was given a platter larger than my face, piled high with babyback ribs, slaw, pulled pork and spicy, crisp fries.  Leonie had ribs, Howard had ribs, Josh had burnt ends – spicy, sweet, chunky beef – pulled pork and cheesey, chilli fries.  I am exhausted just typing it.  Napkins were deployed, bottles of smoked hickory BBQ and hot chipotle sauces flowed and we ate, pulling meat of bone with our fingers and teeth.  Indeed ‘need no teef to eat my beef’ is the slogan of Bodean’s owner and the soft pork fell away from the bone with ease.  The table weighed heavy with our plates and also held bowls of lemony-fresh wipes and tooth picks – essential tools of the trade when you’re elbow deep in ribs!

We ate and ate and ate.  The fries were really very good, the coleslaw better than expected, but my goodness it was the pork that sung the loudest.  Soft and juicy, plump and sweet. Just delicous and lots of fun.  When we could eat no more we checked with the waitress that we could carry out our leftovers, we could!, and as I type this, I can’t stop thinking of the doggy-bag of meat in my kitchen, waiting for me to attack later on tonight as soon as my stomach does the gentlest of murmurs.

Whilst Bodean’s may not be the perfect place for a first date – I am not sure if chewing on ribs has ever attracted a sweetheart? – it is a great meaty treat.  Vegetarians beware, ditto weightwatchers, barbecue lovers wear loose pants.  Bodean’s will leave you smiling ear to ear and begging for more.

Burnt ends and chilli cheese fries


7 Responses to “Review: Bodean’s BBQ”

  1. Josh May 29, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    I can confirm this was one of the tastiest meals ever, the burnt ends were mega!

  2. Jane - Kitchen Stools Direct May 30, 2011 at 11:39 am #

    Ate here once.. me being an exacting calorie-counter.. and had to run 10 miles a day for the next month to get rid of my guilt! But was it worth it! Of course.. every rib and every French fry at Bodean’s was well worth the 10-mile run :d

    • wouldliketoeat May 31, 2011 at 7:35 am #

      Oh well you’re so much better than I am! I am STILL yet to go for a run to burn off the ribs.

      And I ended up eating a stack of birthday cake over the weekend. Ahhh well cake and Bodeans is worth the extra love-handles, right?

  3. Haitchjg May 30, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    Was all the better for the company and the photo session…..seriously tho it took me two days to get over my plate of Burnts/pulled etc…..definitely worth a stopover visit anytime you are in Poland St! But break out the elastic topped trousers.

    • wouldliketoeat May 31, 2011 at 7:37 am #

      It was amazing. The doggy-bag of burnt ends and pulled pork for lunch the next day was also epic. Mmmm mmmm. Now have to get to the gym and shift the extra rib-weight before Greece as I can tell there’s going to be ALOT of troughing there! (Can’t wait) x

  4. Zoesmom June 2, 2011 at 5:33 pm #

    I wish you guys were coming back this way, but your trip to the south sounds like so much fun. You have to try The Arcade Restaurant in Memphis: It is right near Beal St. Delicious breakfasts and beignets.

    Your description of Bodean’s made my mouth water — wish I could have been there with you all!

    • wouldliketoeat June 7, 2011 at 7:37 am #

      I wish we were coming back to see you guys soon too! We will have to come and visit soon… hope you’re all really well and give Chief a tickle from me.

      We are both silly excited about going roadtrippin’ around the South and The Arcade Restaurant looks awesome! Will make sure we pop in – especially as we’re staying in the Peabody (we’ve splurged) – so it’ll be just a short stroll away. Already thinking I need to invest in some giant sweat-pants or a muu muu to accomodate my growing girth during the trip!

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