Review: Lahore Kebab House

26 Apr

Curry Overload

Lahore Kebab House

2 Umberston Street, Whitechapel, E1 1PY (just off Commercial Road)

T – 020 7488 2551

W –

Meals served from Noon to Midnight, daily.

Yet again I found myself hankering after chilli and spice and all things nice in Whitechapel.  After my trips to Needoo Grill and Tayyabs I thought it only right and honourable that I stop by and fill up at Lahore Kebab House.

And so I dragged him-indoors and a couple of friends and our hollow bellies there last Thursday where we chatted and laughed so much that I very nearly did that naughty, awful thing of barely noticing what I was eating. Whoops.

Seekh Kebab

But luckily for me – and this frickin’ blog – there were enough big flavours to keep me aware, just, of what I was tucking so merrily into.  From the unassuming decor (think a big empty space over two floors, with lots of tellies showing cricket and plain and simple crockery) and perfunctory service (our waiter was a picture of insouciance) the Lahore Kebab House is no-frills and mercifully all about the food.

It’s a Bring-Your-Own policy which I wholeheartedly endorse, although I was too busy drinking pop and lassis and the prices are as friendly on the wallet as I had heard.  It would be hard to spend more than £20 here unless you were carbo-loading for a marathon or just very very greedy.

We ordered poppadoms and sunshiney fruity mango chutney (and I ask you is there a finer pleasure in life than chomping on a poppadom and ordering a meal which you are about to demolish?) before scoffing lamb chops – which were gorgeous but not, I’m afraid, quite as tender and smoky hot as those at Tayyabs – and a bunch of kebabs at a pound a stick. They were juicy and perfectly spiced.


We then selected a couple of chicken curries and a lamb curry – at this point I was probably distracted talking about weddings, Marioworld and boxing – so I am not entirely sure what we asked for or what I ate but I do recollect a super silky Daal Tarka and buttery chicken.  We ordered a range of Naans – plain, keema and Peshaweri – and scoffed until our trousers nearly split.  Again, the bread was soft, buttery and chewy, and smarter than at your average curryhouse, but if comparisons are to be made – and it feels inevitable that they will be – again I think Tayyabs edged it here too.

From the generous portions, the hot chilli flavours, to the rockbottom prices the Lahore Kebab House is pretty special.  I will almost certainly be back.


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