Would like to have: Tea-towels

16 Nov


Family Favourites - Charlotte Farmer

Over a cup of tea with friends at the weekend we found ourselves chatting about what business we could all set up which would make us happy and – ideally – lots of money.  In these straightened times we began to ponder what we would consider an essential and got to thinking about what things people would always need.  We came up with a small but impressive list: teachers and haircuts. Of course this initial list soon expanded to include, umm, well a lot of things, but it did not include one object which I solemnly regret: the tea-towel.

Yes, the humble tea-towel. Regular readers will know that I have a thing for natty tea-towels like the MrT one which proudly lives in my kitchen- in a state of near disrepair – now.  But it would seem I just can’t get enough of the puppies and I have found a few more which have left me wondering how much of the money I should set aside for Christmas I can justifiably spend, sorry, invest in pretty things for my flat.

Top of my list is this ‘Family Favourites’ number by Charlotte Farmer and available from To Dry For for £9.50.  And wow. It is delectable. From the gorgeous pink wafer, the beige custard cream, to the party ring, the curiously satisfying malted milk, the Tunnocks tea-cake and beyond. It has it all!  My belly is rumbling at the thought of dipping a bourbon biscuit or two in a glass of milk or nibbling on a sugary NICE with a pot of tea to hand. Yes.

That’s not the only tea-towel on To Dry For catching my eye though. Oh no. Because the Tea Cups print by EaK Design, for £8 is also absolutely grand. From zany to spotty mugs and cups, it suggests a bottom-less supply of tea and coffees, overflowing hot chocolates and enough horlicks to send a small army to sleep.

It’s also topical – featuring as it does a Royal Wedding tea cup! Yes, I am already thrilled at the prospect of all of the Kate and Wills wedding tack which I will be collecting like crazy. I only hope it will be as good as this marvellous ceramic trinket. Come on Royalists – you can do it!

EaK Design - Tea Cups

So there we have it. Two of the niftiest tea-towels about – perfect for stocking fillers, Secret Santa gifts and those little shopping pressies to yourself that we all absolutely deserve!



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