Ingredient of the Week: Pumppernikkeli

26 Sep

Pretty pink biscuits

So, this latest edition of the perennially wonderful ‘Ingredient of the Week’ section of my blog is about something that is not an ingredient and also a few weeks, natch months, overdue. However, it is pink and pretty and the absolute essence of Christmas. Ta-da!… did I distract you?

Bought back from Finland by a lovely friend, Pumppernikkelis are sweet gingerbread cookies, soft and chewy, oval-shaped and glazed in pink sugary icing.  They are spicy and warm in a way that reminds me of Christmas and of the first time I tried German biscuits when a teacher in school bought them into class for everyone to try. They taste gorgeous and sweet and I have been hankering after them and big mugs of tea for days on end now. It is miserable and damp outside so it’s sort-of my duty to curl up on the couch and binge eat in my jim-jams. Right?

Furthermore, they have got me to thinking about two distinct and equally silly topics.

1. What is the best pink food? I go weak at the knees for Turkish delight and have been eating a dangerous amount of angel delight recently. Although I prefer butterscotch to strawberry. Raspberry sorbet is always a tart way to finish an indecent meal when you can’t squeeze a cake or ice-cream in, and I find myself opting for rose an awful lot, although I get tipsy after just a whiff of booze these days. But am I missing the best pink food and drink that there is? Is pink food something to be avoided? Too girly and chintzy? At least it’s better than eating a plate full of beige

Bowl full of foreign goodies

2. Is there anything, and I do mean anything, better than receiving amazing foodie gifts from people’s holidays? Or squeezing pastas and chocolates and coffee and booze into your case as you head home from the sun or the snow? I am going roadtripping round the States in a few weeks and to Copenhagen over the new year. Is there anything I should be looking out for? Are there any culinary specialities that I should be sure to avoid? Is there anything you’d like me to bring you back?… x


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