Would Like To Win – Teapigs Prizes

22 Sep


 I love tea. I adore it. Tea rocks. I am pretty sure, in fact, that tea is one of the greatest things ever made. Seriously, who said that the wheel is the greatest invention? A wheel? A Wagon Wheel maybe, at least that goes well with tea. You see nothing, for me, can surpass the magic power of those little leaves.

From slurping giant mugs of tea in bed on a sleep-crumpled Sunday morning, trekking flasks of tea up mountains in Wales to enjoy from the summit, or those spicy, milky, dreamy cups of chai served through windows at an Indian railway station, or earl grey in bone china -with huge slices of cake on the side- served inside vaulted-ceilinged tearooms, glasses of apple tea in Turkish Bazaars, to picking tea leaves in sweaty Sri Lanka… tea has been a big thing in my life. And I’m sure it has for you too.

It’s acted as a cure for all manner of ills – hangover, heartbreak and the occasional work-based crisis. It has been with me to toast the end of amazing nights out and cosy days in. I am not sure I can place my favourite ever cup of tea – I once had a mug of tea and beans and plastic cheese on toast in the Perhentian Islands which was just wizard – but not much beats the first brew of the day. Usually I’m sat at my desk, fingers crossed  it’ll be served in my favourite – “Dead til I gets me coffee” – mug replete with gurning pirate. It is so silly and the tea is always so desperately welcome, that it never fails to make me smile.

And this, guys, is where the competition comes in. Those amazing tea-heroes at Teapigs have very kindly offered to submit a prize. And a tea-based prize at that. In order to win – drumroll please! – a teapigs mug, a pack of English Breakfast, a piglet of mao feng green tea and one of lemon and ginger, all you need to do is email me with a pic of your favourite mug of tea. It could be the mug that makes it, the place where you drink your tea, or it could be the story that goes along with it.

Please just email me at stop.hannahtime@gmail.com before midnight on Sunday 3rd October and you could be in with a shot!  If you have any questions then please pop them in the comments or email me. The winning picture will appear on this blog so nothing too rude in the shot please. And if you want to know more about teapigs, purveyors of amazing tea and lovely to match, then please visit their website: http://www.teapigs.co.uk/


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