Recipe: Beef and pak choi Noodles

20 Jul

Where's the beef?

Uh oh. I feel rather sheepish. With burning, blushing cheeks, I realise it’s been nothing short of yonks since I updated Would Like to Eat and the fact that some of you lovely readers have had to pull me up on this is an outrage. It’s a dereliction of my duty. But a perfect storm of being busy at work and flat-out broke (I’m saving for an American road trip, have an awful bank and am perennially feckless…) has meant that I’ve not been eating out and I’ve not been eating ANYTHING decent in. And I couldn’t possibly confess the full depths of filthy food I’ve been scoffing of late. But let’s just say that there may, ahem, be mini chicken kievs and curly fries in my freezer… Ahh… my cheeks are burning brighter!

Anyway, all of this is set to change. So I trust you accept my apologies and stay with me as I leap back onto the domestic bandwagon!

Tonight, for example, I had a night in alone and rather than buy one of those glum little roast-dinner-meals-for-one or tuck into my default solo dinner (cinnamon toast and a mug of tea), I thought I’d make something proper, like.

And so to noodles. A bowl of noodles is surely one of life’s most incredible pleasures: all slurpy filling goodness. My boyfriend can’t quite handle my obsession for noodley broths so whenever he’s out – i.e. at the cricket/pub – and I’m in I go noodle-crazy. Thick juicy udon noodles,delicate spindly rice noodles, crystal glass noodles, heavy egg noodles, silky ramen noodles, giant flat noodles. Gosh. Be still my beating heart. As long as it isn’t pot noodles.

To buy:

*a handful of rice noodles (about 30g or so)   *150g beef sirloin   *olive oil   *giant pinch of ground cumin   *salt and pepper   *half a small onion, very finely sliced   *thumb-sized fresh ginger, sliced   *pinch of chilli flakes   *fistful of mushrooms, I used chesnut but oyster or shitake will taste fab   *200ml chicken stock   *1 pak choi, washed and chop the end off.

To make:

1. Boil a kettle and pop the noodles in a pyrex bowl, add the hot water, cover and leave to stand for 5 minutes. Then drain and leave submerged in a bowl of nice cold water.


2. Meanwhile, rub the beef with the oil, cumin and pepper. Place in a really hot wok and sear on all sides.

3. Add the onion, ginger and chilli flakes and fry at high heat for a couple of minutes.

4. Take out the steak, leave to rest and slice. Set aside for a mo.

5. Add the mushrooms and pak choi to the onions and ginger in the wok and stir. Pour in the chicken stock and season to taste.

6. Serve the noodles and broth in a big bowl, pop the sliced beef on top and throw on a bit of coriander if you have it knocking about.

Feeds one and takes minutes to cook and a similar amount of time to wolf down. (Recipe originally Mr Jamie Oliver’s but I messed about with it slightly. I know, I know, how very dare I! ) Not the cheapest of dinners but will hopefully make me big and strong. If you’re a veggie then use more veg or tofu if you like. Yummy.


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