Recipe: Howzat Cricket Birthday Cake

26 May

Be bowled over by it...

Today is my boyfriend’s birthday. And you can tell it is a boy’s birthday because we’re going out for steaks tonight. Yeah. In the meantime, here is the cake I made for his special day… (which gets me thinking, remember when you hit 10 and everyone would say “oooh double figures!”, that was fun…)

Anyway, my boyfriend is a cricket nerd. In fact he’s THE cricket nerd. He loves the drama, the stats, the beauty, the atmosphere. I just love the booze. Until now. I have found a way to love cricket. Simple. Turn it into a cake. So here it is…

To buy:

*225g unsalted butter   *225g golden caster sugar   *225g self-raising flour   *1tsp baking powder   *4 medium eggs   *1oog nice white chocolate chopped into teeny bits  and for the decoration   *couple of handfuls of desiccated coconut   *green food colouring   *red food colouring   *115g unsalted softened butter   *250g icing sugar  *1 x tube of white icing, I used ‘Queen’s white chocolate writing fudge’ which was awesome.

To make:

1. Preheat the (in my case fan) oven to about 160oC and grease a sandwich tin.

2. In a large bowl combine the sugar, butter, eggs and flour in stages and mix until smooth. Throw in the chopped white chocolate and mix really well.

3. Pop into the oven until golden brown and cooked right through. It took about 40 minutes for my cake to stop being wobbly in the middle – just checking every five minutes or so will do the trick.

4. Allow to cool on a rack. Trickier than it sounds. Fight the urge to get busy decorating the cake or the icing will melt and christmas will be ruined!

5. To make the “grass” just mix the coconut and the green food dye and leave it to dry until you’re ready to use it.

6. Combine the butter, sugar and red food colouring to make the “ball”. Cover the entire cake once it’s totally cold and smooth it out so it looks shiny.

7. Use the white fudge icing to pipe the seam onto the cake. I had to google an image of a cricket ball to remember what one looked like. Oops. But two sets of three dotted lines’ll do the trick.

8. If you want to make a pun like my “26 not out” then feel free. I think not punning in the cricket community is frowned upon. Just a warning.

Howzat! It’ll take a few hours but is dead simple. Do let me know if you have a recipe for a Ferrari cake so I can come up with something for Him-Indoors next year!


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