Recipe: Eton Mess

12 May

I've just eaten my mess.

To mark the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister serving a full day in Number Ten, I thought I would treat myself to an Eton Mess. It’s been a dramatic day. There may not have been a “a new day has broken, has it not” speech in Downing Street this morning – but just seeing the Dave-Nick Double Act chummying along in the Rose Garden was bewildering, exciting and bizarre at all once.

Luckily whipping up an Eton Mess is a doddle. So no matter how much drama you’ve had in your day – political or personal – this is an easy treat that will make you grin from ear to ear.  My colleague, Katie bought a punnet of strasberries in for me at work today, but just swap them for strawberries if you don’t have such lovely colleagues!

To buy:

*1 tspb flaked almonds   *small drop of vanilla essence   *1 tbsp golden caster sugar   *170ml double cream   *about 75-100g strasberries   *abour 75-100g raspberries   *3 meringues

To make:

1. Over a low heat lightly toast the flaked almonds. Once they’re toasted, pop on the side for a few minutes.

2. In a big clean bowl whisk the cream, half the sugar and vanilla essence. I used an electric whisk and it took about 30 seconds for it to go a bit stiff , then I set it aside.

3. Wash your fruit and cut the stalks off the strasberries/strawberries. Divide the fruit in two. In one bowl mash the remaining sugar, half the raspberries and half of the strasberries/strawberries gently with a fork.

4. Tip the mashed fruit into the vanilla cream, add the unmashed fruit (make sure the chunks aren’t too large) and crumble the meringue on top.

5. Gently fold the mixture – don’t mix it too hard! – and divide into two glasses or bowls. Sprinkle with the toasted almonds and… gobble up. (preferably in the sunshine!)

Ten minutes to make, about ten seconds to scoff. Whoop! Next time I will make my own meringue but in the meantime thanks to Jamie (Oliver) for a super recipe and Katie for the strasberries.

And to David and Nick: good luck!


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