Would Like to Vote: General Election Biscuits!

6 May

Everyone's a winner, baby

Happy Polling day everybody!

I hope you’ve all rolled up your sleeves (as David Cameron loves to say) and trundled down to your nearest polling station – which will be invariably slightly naff and grotty – in order to make sure that X marks the spot.  Which ever “spot” is right for you that is. Unless you vote BNP. I don’t want any BNP voters reading my blog, thank you very much.

I used to, very recently, work for a couple of MPs in Parliament, have loads of friends who still do and others still who are hoping to be elected themselves some time late tonight. It will be a scary, emotional and thrilling evening. I have been excited and terrified for weeks. And the only way I could calm myself, the only way I could wrestle with the sheer drama of it all, was biscuits. Yes biscuits.

I baked these jammy-dodgers last night using a recipe I’ve mentioned before with fillings for the three main parties: strawberry jam, lemon curd and blueberry jam. Even whilst baking them I had a few observations: the Conservative ones looked very dark (almost menacing..), the Labour ones just kept on crumbling (a bad omen perhaps?) and the Liberal Democrats worked better than I had expected… I shall say no more!

I will be baking more for the party I am going to tonight (and hope to be able to make little X’s in the top half of the biccy so that they look even more geeky and election-y) but this morning my colleagues got to sample a batch. In the Great Biscuit Election (in my office) the Conservatives came out on top (as the blue ones were all snaffled up first), then the Lib Dems and Labour staggered into third place. Can this be repeated tonight? My goodness. We shall see. In the meantime, get out there everybody and do your civic duty. I am sure you’ve already been reminded that people died so that you could, but seriously, you can’t moan, if you don’t vote. And who doesn’t love a good whinge now and again.

Hannah x

p.s. my special biscuits made it onto the BBC election pictures website. I am so honoured.


2 Responses to “Would Like to Vote: General Election Biscuits!”

  1. punkchef May 6, 2010 at 7:36 pm #

    Eeee!! You’re not the only one who made Election Biscuits!! I made some too!! XD

    Good to see so many people voting this time round!!


    • wouldliketoeat May 6, 2010 at 8:07 pm #

      Your cookies look rad! Let’s hope the blue ones are all left over…

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