You Got Served: Foil Teacake Bag

27 Apr

Nice job Gillian Kyle

Maybe the sun had addled my brain, maybe the coffee shop’s barrister had made a better-than-average Flat White, perhaps my playlist sounded sweeter than usual this morning (A megamix of Caribou, Animal Collective and Rihanna incase you were wondering…), but whatever it was I was feeling somewhat gung-ho when I traipsed into WHSmiths.  And I bought Red magazine for the first ever time. And I really really enjoyed it.

My usual ‘zine consumption consists of Vanity Fair (have bought it without fail for years and love the mix of cutting edge international journalism, fawning Leibovitz Hollywood photo-spreads and endless comment pieces on the royals), the Economist (I rarely read it cover-to-cover but Bagehot is unmissable) and begrudgingly Glamour magazine (the fashion’s neat but it’s a bit flim-flamery for me)… and so Red was a pleasant surprise. Lots of tasty recipes for calzone, beautiful kitchen-porn, a genuinely interesting piece on the election and none of those circles of shame/body-blitz/true-horror articles that usually nark me so.

I had always thought that I was too young for Red magazine, sigh, but today was also the day when I realised that I neither know nor care about both Justin Bieber AND the Jonas Brothers, ho hum. But anyway, enough of these existential witterings. Featured in Red this month, by Mary Norden, is this marvellously jolly bag by Gillian Kyle – yours for £17.50 – featuring that most tasty of guilty pleasures: the teacake! Regular readers of WouldLikeToEat will know I’ve written more than once about Tunnock-y delights and I can think of no finer tribute to my favourite teatime treat than to buy this bag and stuff it full of caramel wafers and teacakes. I mean, that would be a good thing, right?


2 Responses to “You Got Served: Foil Teacake Bag”

  1. Haitchjg May 1, 2010 at 1:35 pm #

    careful what you admit to these days, you’ll be on the cover before you know it….then there’s no hiding place…….mind you with that sort of Mix you ain’t too old yet!! ;o))

    • wouldliketoeat May 3, 2010 at 7:19 pm #

      The amount of times I go “ooh” when I bend over or sit down I am beginning to think I am getting on. Alot.
      Ace bag though. And my love for tunnocks really knows no bounds!

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