You Got Served: Montague/Capulet Mug

24 Apr

For tea or not for tea

The Globe Theatre is utterly incredible. Watching the blue sky darken, go grey, and then black whilst the actors strut about the stage, as planes fly overhead, and the air grows steadily colder is just an awe-inspiring way to watch a play.  It was utterly amazing watching Macbeth on Friday: the performance shocking and moving. I confess, then, that my highlight of the evening was running to the gift shop in the intermission, and giddily buying this mug.

£7 from the shop (you can buy it online for sure), this gorgeous cup shows the “two tribes, both alike in dignity” in kitschy lovehearts-and-arrows. It is both silly and serious all at once and I love it!


2 Responses to “You Got Served: Montague/Capulet Mug”

  1. Richard A May 2, 2010 at 4:46 pm #

    Those mugs are great, will have to order some!

    If you enjoyed the open air experience at the Globe, you really must take a long weekend down to the Minack Theatre in Cornwall! Its carved into the side of a cliff, with the Atlantic waves crashing all around the stage. It really augments the primal aspects of Othello, Macbeth, etc.

    Here’s their website:

    • wouldliketoeat May 3, 2010 at 7:17 pm #

      They are great and – uncultured swine that I am – they now remind me of the awesome Baz Luhrmann movie everytime that I have a cuppa. Lovely stuff.

      Just checked the Minack. Wow. Those views are incredible. Can absolutely imagine how that could temper or enhance the drama unfloding on the stage. How exciting. Will make sure if I’m ever holidaying that way that I go and see. And that looks like a theatre were you would REALLY need a coat!

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