Guilty Pleasures: Whippy Ice Cream

24 Apr

I got 99 problems but this whippy aint one

As soon as I saw this icecream van I knew it would come to this. A whippy ice-cream, flake (I love the way the top half of the chocolate is soft and the other end in the ice-cream goes all cold and hard) and a healthy drizzle of sauce. What is it they put in the sauce: human-catnip? I just love it so so much.  But then there was the temptation to have a screwball: my icecream of choice when I was a nipper. I love every kind of whippy ice cream and the naff and kitsch vans that they’re dispensed from. And then there’s the icecream van jingle: the second I hear greensleeves I’m thrown into a childish frenzy.

Really, is there anything finer in life than a whippy ice-cream on a summer’s day? The cream dripping onto your sticky fingers and the flake crumbly and just-so. The licks and the nibbles. The last bit of the wafer filled with icecream. Yummy.

  A little known fact is that one of the members of the British chemical research team who discovered a method of doubling the amount of air in ice cream – the humble Whippy was born – which allowed manufacturers to use less of the actual ingredients, was Margaret Thatcher. But don’t let that put you off!


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