Guilty Pleasures: Shop-bought Coleslaw

18 Apr

nom nom nom nom

As someone who has very recently started baking and cooking properly I know all too well that home-made food is almost always superior. Nothing tastes better than a cake still-hot from the oven, or a bowl full of pasta that you’ve kneaded and cooked from scratch. I know that I am meant to make my own stock (and yes I KNOW that it gives meals a new depth that know amount of knorr-how can compete with). I know that home-made bread makes your home smell divine.  I know that home-made coleslaw is crunchy and fresh and gosh-darn healthy. That it takes a few minutes to make and costs very little…

…but I don’t care. I love shop-bought coleslaw. The deli pack from M&S or my goodness, the cheesy coleslaw from Sainsburys. It has about as much fat in one pack as I should eat in a week and it is nigh on impossible for me to see it without buying it and running home to scoff it.. but blimey, as Loreal would say, I’m worth it.


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