You Got Served: Lucky Cat Plate

14 Apr

Mr Good Fortune

The place in the world that I would most like to visit is Japan. I love Haruki Murakami, Lost in Translation is one of my favourite all time movies and everytime I see a Maneki Neko a smile creeps onto my lips. I will need to fill up my piggy-bag quite consideribly before I’ll be whizzing through Kyoto on a bullet train but in the meantime, there’s a lovely place in Picadilly called the Japan Centre that – just about – sates my desire.

It houses all kinds of Japanese store cupboard essentials, some of the srummiest sushi and bento boxes and awesome Japanese goodies for your home.  A word of caution, the Japan Centre also has THE worst loyalty card I have ever encountered. Unlike certain coffee shops were you buy nine coffees and get one free, the Japan Centre requires that you buy sixty, yes 6-0, packs of sushi to qualify for ONE free pack. I am determined and committed but my Blitz-like resolve is sorely tested by this most ungenerous scheme!

Anyway, that aside, this lovely little plate – coming in at just over 10cm diametres  – and draining your purse of just under £3.50 is sure to decorate my table from now on and beckon good fortune into my life.


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