You Got Served: Cricket Flask

6 Apr

I don't like cricket.. flasks..

Those of you who know me well know that my boyfriend is what’s known in the trade as a nerd, specifically, a cricket-nerd. For it is he who writes Surrey Cricket Blog and it is he who has dragged me – not quite kicking and screaming but nearly… – to the Lords for long afternoons of sun and booze in the Pavilion and the Oval for booze and silliness during a Friday night’s twenty20 match.

Either way there’s been booze and begrudgingly, I am beginning to, not like, but actually not detest cricket. I mean sometimes, it’s pretty awesome. When Pollard hits the ball miles or DeVilliers’s arm seems to Stretch Armstrong-esque expand and make the catch.  And a few of them aren’t half bad looking.  In their whites they look even better. And I really love Ryan Sidebottom… and his hair.

And I do love the nostalgia of cricket, the whites against the green of the grass and the blue of the sky of an afternoon’s play. Whilst I’m not about to go all John Major and pine for a Britain of long shadows on cricket grounds, warm beer, invincible green suburbs and dog lovers I am going to pine for this flask.

From Wild & Wolf and priced at a snappy £14.95 it’s rather marvellous and would be perfect for picnics and bike-rides to the park and yes, why, dozy afternoons at the cricket.


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