Review: Dim t

5 Apr

Full me.

32 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 2NQ

020 7637 1122

I have taken to coming up with fantasty-lunches of late. They go a little something like this… Irrelevant of what you will end up eating come noon, you wish really really hard for what – in your best dreams- you would find on your plate. Last week I had a crazed hankering for dim sum. It’s been my fantasy lunch for five long days now. When I’ve ended up eating limp chicken and avocado sarnies on the train, or bowls of soup hunkered over my desk, in my mind I’ve been opening steaming wicker baskets and finding doughy buns and lightly spiced dumplings. Today, finally, my fantasy lunch came true. And boy oh boy, it was worth the wait.

The Brunette and I awoke hungover as hell this morning. Yesterday’s Easter lunch had deteriorated into a late-night booze-session and we spent the morning fighting off cravings for pizza slut, dirty burgers and tuna melts. It was tough. By two ‘o’ clock when we staggered into Dim t near Goodge St we were famished. But it was an oasis of calm, with Japanese style-decor – all slate walls, low lamps and silk cushions – and the service was so friendly and whip-fast.

We ordered grilled chicken gyoza, chicken satay, baskets of chicken and cashew nut and beef and chive dumplings and a big pot of jasmine tea. My boyfriend had classic guilty pleasure – Katsu curry- and I opted for a big bowl of chicken and udon noodles with a spicy, fragrant red curry sauce.  Everything was incredible. Fresh and hot, spicy and delicate. The dumplings were soft, steamed parcels of joy. The curry silky, creamy and full of crisp beansprouts, sweet carrot and tender chicken. We wolfed it down before reclining on the sofas and mopping our brows.

Dinner came to £40 for two and next time I will try hard to make sure I fill my dessert tummy too – as the puddings looked immense – but wow.  Fantasy lunches don’t come much tastier than this.


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