Recipe: Nest Cakes

2 Apr

They're egg-cellent, etc..

This recipe turns your Good Friday into a Great Friday- so childish, so moorish, so easy: Nest Cakes! When I say that it is fool-proof, I promise it is not a dig at my boyfriend who got stuck in the kitchen on this occassion, oh no, that would be bullying and no-one likes a bully. Although the buzz about the faux Hardman Gordon “Step Outside Posh Boy!” Brown posters rather undermines my assertion there.

But really, these little cakes are as dorky as they are yummy and take only a few minutes to make. And they last nowhere near as long as that!

To buy:

*1 big pack of mini eggs   *200g good quality chocolate   *Shredded Wheat   *Golden Syrup   *Butter   *Cake cases

To make:

1. Lay out your cake cases on the side or on a plate. I made about 10 this time but it varies on how big you make your nests…

2. In a bowl over a pan of boiling water melt about 30-50g butter and stir in 2 big teaspoons of golden syrup. Keep the heat low and stir gently.

3. Break in 200g of chocolate. You can use milk and dark or a mix of the two and once it’s all melted remove from the heat.

4. Break in a few bars of shredded wheat (I used about 4 bars) until the mixture is less gloopy but not too dry.

5. Spoon the mixture into the cases and make a little well which you can fill with as many mini-eggs as you like.

6. Leave to set for a few hours (less time if you pop them in the fridge) and then… NOM!

Easy as A B C- these cakes make me grin like an -April – fool. Gooey, rich and sweet. As Haribo would say – “Kids and Grown-ups love them so!”


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