You Got Served: Kid’s Panda Face Bowl

1 Apr

I have been fond of Panda bears ever since I was little but this youtube classic cemented my love forever more. And of course they are adorable. Lalloping around as clumsy pups, peering through their smudge-mascara-eyes, they are just too cute. Their distinctive faces are caught beautifully in this bowl – £12 from the V&A and made in Japan – which I wish I could eat my cereal from every morning!

I think I should head over to the V&A and invest as soon as my legs will get to pedalling. Although, a word of warning. The V&A’s shop is criminally good. A wonderful distraction from an already sublime museum, should you tire from gazing at the 3,500 jewels in the stunning William and Judith Bolinger gallery, had you already found solace in the peaceful courtyard of the Medieval and Renaissance galleries, warmed your legs in the sunshine within the garden or taken afternoon tea in the beautiful cafe – to the sound of piano tinkling, no less – then a trip to the shop will seem only right and proper. And may end in a dangerously large dent in your purse. Eeek.


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