Review: Negril

29 Mar

honest jerky goodness

Address: 132 Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1RS

Phone Number: 020 8674 8798

A neat ten minute walk up Brixton Hill from the Ritzy Cinema, there a few finer pleasures in life than a dinner date at Negril. Now that I live in Battersea I get to scoff the delicious, soulful food far less than I should but oh boy, when I do, I smile.

Negril is such a charming cafe. Even with the recent revamp it’s still slightly ramshackle and it’s always busy but cosy. Word of warning – I always book so you might want to as well.  The service is both lovely and speedy (When I lived round the corner the delivery service came courtesy of a boy and his bike – cool) and in the summer you can eat outside under the stars, ahem, and near the bus lane, but still… it’s mega. 

However, it really the food that sings.  Juicy, tender chicken, rubbed with Jamaican jerk spices and cooked until it falls off the bone. Hot and dry chilli sauce, soft and fluffy rice and peas, creamy fresh coleslaw and, really, truly the best goat curry I have ever wolfed down. Hearty and home-cooked food full of soul, I love it.  Even the ginger beer tastes best in this place.

I went here on Saturday with my boy and my mum. It was lovely. We all ate until we could barely move – having already necked Pina Coladas at Mango Landin’ down the road – and it was so understated and such good value. (Expect to pay about £12 for dinner and pop) I really cannot say enough sweet things about Negril. I just wish I got to go more often. Amazing.


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