You Got Served: Hip Hip-Flask

23 Mar

Booze canister

Urban-Outfitters alone are able to make something with “Hip” in the title even hipper. Who else would try? Why, yes this awesome hipflask- a snip at £10 – is one of a range of snazzy designs in U-O perfect for keeping your tipple nearby and looking slick. It holds 3oz of liquid and is made from stainless steel (I feel so very QVC saying all of that..)

I have wanted a hip-flask for some time now. The reasons are thus:

* I could fill it with apple and elderflower cordial and put it in my pocket for bike-rides to Richmond park. I would hate to look shabby in front of the deer…

* Would aid illicit drinking in the cinema/on public transport

* Perfect vessel for rum/whisky for bonfire night and new year’s eve, when I am always hanging around for fireworks in the cold.

*It is manly and girly all at once. A good thing, for sure.

* I am not sure that I have enough tat in my life and need to invest in more.


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