Review: Inn The Park

20 Mar

Soon to be Inn My Tummy

Address: St James’s Park, London, SW1A 2BJ

Telephone: 020 7451 9999


Set in possibly my favourite of all of London’s beautiful parks (I really love Richmond and Battersea Parks too in case you were wondering) with epic views of Buckingham Palace, Westminster and even the London Eye, Inn The Park is sitting pretty.

On a summer’s day you can sit on the terrace and hear the huge array of ducks and geese – and yes, Pelicans too! – squawking and quacking as you tuck in to your plate of food, but this morning was a grey day so we elected to sit inside.

The decor is super stylish and light-infused by massive windows.  The cafe boasts gorgeous, sleek leather-bound chairs and has some really ace retro-orange formica tables and little vases of flowers. Cute.

Josh (who I may refer to as “The Brunette” in the style of AA Gill from now on..) ordered some bacon and scrambled eggs and asked for a sausage too, I wanted the girdle scones but was told they had run out. Overcoming a mini-sulk I ordered a round of toast and a Strawberry Flight – a whizz-up of strawberries, pear and bananas – and was a bit surprised when the waitress didn’t offer any coffee or tea. What is breakfast without coffee or tea? I mean really? Our food promptly arrived and my toast was missing marmalade – there had been no delivery that morning apparently – and the toast was freezing.  That said, there was lots of it and the Peyton and Byrne Perfect Raspberry Jam was just that – perfect.

Josh’s eggs, bacon and bangers were utterly beautiful. Top-notch and cooked to perfection. There is no faulting the integrity of the ingredients or the flair in which everything I have ever eaten from here is cooked. However, the service throughout breakfast was – like my toast – stone cold and pretty perfunctory.

And then there’s the cost. I am not known for my stinginess and I have been known to shell-out for good food. This is good food. But, but, but the ‘Half a grapefruit’ listed on the menu was £3. Josh’s single sausage came in at £2.50. The small glass of OJ was £3. Whilst not eye-watering the prices here are a little on the steep side…

Everything in the Inn is incredibly tasty and the setting is hard to beat.  I left feeling a little like they could have tried harder with the service and Josh’s, sorry – the brunette’s – wallet was a lot lighter but  I will certainly look forward to my next trip for a fabulous breakfast in the park.


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