Guilty Pleasures: Bubble Tea

6 Mar

Lighter than ordinary tea

What a superduper dayI am having today. I bought some audaciously awesome dunlop sunglasses (a snip at £3), am off to see Alice in Wonderland tonight, have actually seen some sunshine in London, at lunchtime attended a cupcake and cocktails class (more on this later..) and I had my first ever Bubble Tea.

Served up by the efficient and bustling waiters in HongKong Diner, deep in the heart of SoHo, the peach pearl bubble tea came in a tall glass with a wonderfully giant straw and with deep balls floating in the chilly, whipped sugary drink.

The peach tea is much like a slush puppy – but tart and smooth and so much tastier – and then – OOH – every so often, like Augustus Gloop whooshing through the pipes in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – a bubble rushes up the straw and pops into your mouth! Such fun!

A cursory wikipedia search informs me that the bubbles in the tea are boba balls (made from a mixture of tapioca and carrageenan powder) but they looks a little bit like frogspawn and taste like tiny rubbery balls of jelly.

It shouldn’t work and it is certainly the most whimsical drink I have ever had, but it is such giddy fun that I can see it becoming a wonderfully guilty pleasure.  The list of flavours available in HK Diner was substantial and at only £3 a pop there is nothing stopping me from sampling many more.  If there is a better drink out there I would love to know because right now bubble-tea is about as good as it gets!


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