Recipe: Slow-Cookin’ Chilli con Carne

1 Mar

We be chilli'n


When I used to live in Brixton I had a “London Mum”, a super girl called Cat who made to-die-for roasts on a Sunday and then – I still can’t believe this – Moist-maker sandwiches with three slices of bread stuffed with roast veggies, gravy and meat for Monday lunchtimes. 

She was an is a hero! Before a bunch of us went to see 2ManyDJs at the Academy she made us some chilli for dinner. By the time we came to eat it, it had been on the hob for five hours simmering. The taste was so deep and the flavour so rich that I could barely believe what a lucky lady I was. The chilli was so tender, so moist. It kept me on my feet, bopping, for hours on end. Magic.  I asked Cat how to recreate it and I am not sure I managed to pull it off (to be honest I doubt anyone ever will..) but it was still the best ever and Cat very kindly let me pop the recipe here: 

To buy: 

*2 onions   *5 cloves of garlic   *cumin   *dried chilli flakes   *mild chilli powder   *paprika   *cayenne pepper   *cinnamon   *500g minced beef   *2 medium carrots   *1 large red pepper   *250g minced pork   *chorizo (as much as you like)   *2 beef stock cubes   *tomato puree   *1 x 400g tin of chopped tomatoes   *salt and pepper   *lime   *1 x tin kidney beans 

To make: 

1. Dice and fry the onions in a big pan (that has a lid) and as much garlic as you like (Cat and I like LOADS!) and then add any combination of the spices (I broadly used: 1 heaped tsp chilli flakes, 3 tsp cumin, 1 tsp cinnamon, 2 tsp chilli powder, a big pinch of cayenne pepper and a big pinch of  paprika) as you like and experiment to taste. 

2. Once the onion has started to soften and the spices start to smell extra good add the beef mince and the pork mince and start to brown it all off. 

3. Then add the carrots (which have been finely diced) and the red pepper (which has also been diced).  Slice about half a chorizo (but as much as you like) and add to the pan in discs or chunks. Start to fry it up. 

4. Mix two beef stock cubes with a generous dollop of tomato puree and some boiling water and add to the pan.  Season with lots of salt and pepper. Add spices of herbs to taste. 

5. Next, add a tin of chopped tomatoes and the zest of 1 lime, stir.  Then pop the lid back on and cook for about 3-5 hours, seasoning and tinkering as you go. 

6. About an hour before you want to serve, add the kidney beans and cook with the lid off so that it goes thick and gloopy. (If you can find Adzuki beans then Cat suggests they will be awesome to add to the chilli, but I couldn’t find any!) 

I served mine with a sprinkle (ok, ok HEAP) of cheese, some boiled rice and a massive dollop of soured cream.  This recipe makes enough to feed about 6 people but will also make 4 very hungry bellies happy.  I need to give mad, crazy and huge props to Cat for sharing the recipe and make sure that I make it again asap. It made me do a huge yummmmmmmmmmmm.


4 Responses to “Recipe: Slow-Cookin’ Chilli con Carne”

  1. alex March 2, 2010 at 2:33 pm #

    I’d recommend passata instead of a tin of toms. smoked paprika is also a winner.

    • wouldliketoeat March 2, 2010 at 2:42 pm #

      Really??… Hmmm.. thanks for the tip! I will deffoes try that out next time. Brilliant! Can’t wait until next time…

  2. Neil March 3, 2010 at 8:08 am #

    Firstly, I never saw myself commenting on the blog, but here goes: I add chopped celery – makes it taste nicer – and bake it in the oven on a low temperature with a lid rather than simmering on the hob – it means you don’t have to stir it and makes the taste even more tangier.

    • wouldliketoeat March 3, 2010 at 11:44 am #

      Hello Neil, thank you so much for a) writing on my blog! and b) giving me such an awesome tip. I find celery really adds a depth of flavour to all kinds of things so will take you up on that hint and agree that oven-cooked can be juicier than dinners cooked on the hob. Will deffoes try that out. Thanks for the excellent advice. Much obliged. x

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