Guilty Pleasures: Tunnocks

1 Mar
Lunchbox Hero

Today, for the first time in ages, I had a packed lunch. It was epic. A nice refreshing drink, some tasty leftovers and.. a Tunnocks tea-cake. My goodness. What a treat. Crisp chocolate, fluffy mallow and a sweet and juicy biscuit. Off. The. Hook.

But the Tunnocks teacake isn’t even my favourite confectionary from the Tunnocks range. Oh no. That accolade goes to the Caramel Wafer. The old school foil wrapping, which oh-so proudly boasts “More than 4,000,000 of these biscuits are made and sold each week”, the smooth chocolate, the layers of delicate wafer and gooey caramel. Tea and biscuit breaks don’t get any better than this.
When I was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper I used to love getting a tunnocks in my lunch box and gee-whizz if it is no different today. Love it.
Do you have any lunchbox heroes? Anything that you can’t resist scoffing with your sarnies or popping in your picnic? Confess all below.. H x

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