You Got Served: Candy Cupcake Melamine Tray

24 Feb

From Those lovely people at Paperchase

As part of my job I end up catching lots of early morning trains from London and after nearly missing one to Exeter (I literally made it onto the train with seconds to spare..) and practically suffering a wheezing red-faced heart attack (I imagine as a result of both the stress and me being a lazy so-and-so of late) I vowed to always be at the station in good time.

Now, this “good time” has extended to sometimes being ludicrously early. I have ended up being in the station and loitering for almost an hour. It’s just not healthy.  However, not to worry, I will maybe grab a nice hot brew from the coffee shop – a good old fashioned cup of earl grey or if I am feeling terribly daring a Vanilla Latte – and perhaps the latest copy of Vanity Fair if it’s in the shops.. and then..and then..well, the minutes can start to drag… my body can start to sag… unless, sweet momma, I happen to spot an OPEN Paperchase.

Ever since those golden back-to-school days when I would be escorted to Smiths or Staples and treated to a new pencilcase, parker pen and other fantastic treats, I have had a strange love affair with stationary.  Tell me I’m not alone.  To this day I, very nerdily, get a thrill from buying a stylish new notepad or the year’s new diary. I love pens (how very Royston Vasey), beautiful cards and seriously, don’t even get me started on my joy at stickers… and paperchase caters to each of my silly needs.  That they have branched out into cake stands, egg cups and mugs is a glorious thing.

This magnificent tray – spotted whilst, ahem, killing time – is a mere £12.50 and is large enough to transport breakfast for two or indeed carry a veritable smorgasbord of cupcakes. It is, as the name would suggest, sweet like candy and it is a small miracle that I did not acquire it last night. It can only be a matter of time.. Wallet: you’ve been warned.


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