Recipe: Spanish omelette

24 Feb

Beuno with cerveza

Isn’t it terrific when your friends share. When they share their hot chips when you’re in a pub and your tummy’s rumbling or their seat on a packed train, or perhaps – if they are a truly marvellous friend – when they share some of their chocolate that you were trying so hard not to be caught eyeing up. 

This recipe was shared with my be my super friend and mega colleague Laura B.  Laura is one of those fabulous ladies, always perfectly turned out, who I can picture looking just ‘so’ in the kitchen, a glass of wine in one hand, whilst whipping up a culinary fancy. She is also a recessionista and promised that this meal is cheap. Hurray! Here are her instructions:

Serve 2 VERY hungry people – or great for leftovers!
Ingredients –
* Oil – approx 2 tablespoons   *1 white onion (medium)   *4-5 small – medium potatoes
1 clove garlic   *Fresh parsley
To make –
1. Peel and slice onion in half, then cut into thin slices (half moon shapes)
2. Cut the Potatoes in half then thinly slice (1/2 cm thick approx)
3. Thinly dice garlic.
4. Heat the oil in a frying pan – when the oil is fairly hot put all the onions/pots and garlic in until all evenly covered in oil.
5. When covered turn the heat down to its lowest setting and let everything soften (approx 20-25 mins)
6. Meanwhile – break 5-6 eggs into a bowl and mix together, and a good pinch of salt and pepper.
 7. When the onions etc are soft and very slightly browning – spoon it all out (leaving oil) into the mixed eggs, mix it all together well then return the whole thing to the pan (it’s worth turning the heat up to medium when the mixture is all in to give it a nice brown base).  After a couple of mins at medium heat – turn it right down again and let it all cook slowly (approx 20-25 mins)
 9. When there is very little liquid egg left on the top, flip out onto a plate and return to the pan to cook the top for about 3-5 mins!
Put on plate and serve with fresh green salad! YUM.

I haven’t tried this fab looking recipe out yet, but I will soon and then I will come and pop a comment on this page and an update on how it all went.  Anything that makes enough for leftovers is a winner in my book.  There is such satisfaction in cracking open the tuppawear at lunch and seeing sumptuous leftovers which taste even better than they did the night before (and convince you that by not going to Pret you are earning enough extra cash for that new handbag/shoes/dress you have seen…ahem!). 

Thanks Laura – can’t wait to try it out!! H x


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