Would like to win: Dorset Cereals for Guilty Pleasures confessions!

23 Feb

Granola Goodness


I don’t know about you, but when I was a nipper I used to beg my mum to buy certain cereals – anything with chocolate in it or even better lucky charms – and was often told to forget it. So now that I am big enough to go shopping myself (most of the time, when I am hungover I find it to be distinctly beyond my capabilities…) there is something of a thrill about getting to buy the cereal I want and if there is a gift inside, knowing that I won’t have to share it with my brothers but can keep it all to myself! 

Nowadays, I like to mix it up cereal-wise: I have a big crush on these chocolate-pillows that are very naughty (sorry Mum!), I love porridge in the winter with jam or honey and dried fruit and I am one of those freakish people who actually loves muesli. With a splash of soya milk. Scrummy. 

Now, these are two of the new flavours that Dorset Cereals have come up with and I have to say that they are pretty darn good – the one with nuts especially tickles my tastebuds. (I would say if I didn’t like them, I promise!) and I have a little competition set up with them where you can win: 

*3 boxes of brand-spanking new chocolate granola *3 boxes of nutterly fantastic chocolate granola and macadamia nuts  *a lovely jute bag and *a spiffing bowl to eat them from! 

It’s simple to enter – just send a picture (and let me know if you don’t mind me popping it onto my blog) and contact details to me at stop.hannahtime@gmail.com of you and your guilty food/drink pleasure.. it can be a picture of you with something you know you shouldn’t want to eat (the dastardly findus crispy pancake say..) or a picture of you when you were little with a giant bowl of something naughty (I’m thinking arctic roll…!) and the funniest picture will win.  The deadline is the 28th February. Brillos! 

Hannah x


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