Guilty Pleasures: Kebab

21 Feb

Turkish delights

Until I went on holiday to Turkey last year I am pretty certain that I had never, knowingly at least, ordered a kebab. My drunk dinners of choice would be fried eggs and a round of toast at home, naan breads at my local curry house or juicy hummus and falafel in pitta bread. I just didn’t trust the look of those whirling sticks of meat, dripping with grease and spinning in a slow hypnotic manner…

But my trip to Turkey was eye and mouth opening! In Istanbul I scoffed juicy chicken in soft doughy bread drizzled with mint sauce and peppered with crunchy vegetables. In Cappadocia I had the most amazing lamb doner kebab that just knocked my socks off. Succulent and juicy it was easily the cheapest meal I bought and amazingly it was also the tastiest. Served with a bowl of piping hot salty chips and a refreshing bottle of beer, it was dreamy.

But, here’s the thing. I still haven’t had a kebab in Blighty. In Turkey I think I ate at least one a day (drunk or sober they were all divine..) but I know before too long I will be hammered in Soho or tipsy in Clapham and I will need something to sate my hunger. So any ideas of where to go to satisfy my guiltiest of cravings? Is your local kebbabery the best in town? Or are there other naughty hangover cures that always do the trick? I think it’s important that I am told… x


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