Smell my cheese you mother: Nighty Night

18 Feb
Piccy from BBC.

Nighty night is one of the darkest comedies to ever appear on my tellybox. If you’ve missed it, it’s billed as “a West County Fatal Attraction” and the story focuses on Jill Tyrell’s narcissistic and deranged plans to bed her neighbour’s husband and neglect her own husband who has a terminal illness.  So macabre. It has some outrageous scenes involving food and booze too and my top ten are here…

10 After inviting herself into a dinner party at her neighbours house – by attaching a note saying “unfortunately it is spotting out here” to a stick and poking it through their window – Jill remarks “I know Cathy didn’t want me here tonight, but I have bought us all a pinot grigio (pronouncing it ‘peanut greegio’) and that was £7.99…we can square up later.. or else it just get’s nasty…”

9 Speaking to the Vicar, Jill laments “personally I am quite drained Gordon, being one of life’s givers. Never stop to ask myself ‘How are you Jill, what do you need Jill, want another sausage roll Jill? Yes please”. Before stuffing her mouth and strutting off in another of her hot outfits.

8 Don makes an advance towards the pretty nurse who works with him delivering the finest chat-up line I have ever heard “how do you fancy coming for a drink and a sausage in a basket?”

7 Jill’s on her first blind date with Glen, flicking through the menu she complains that £6 seems a lot for a risotto, Glen pipes up that he’ll readily pay. Quick as a flash Jill orders her meal: “Fillet steak and a bowl of chips as a starter… and a glass of champagne”.

6 Another day, another advance from Jill: “I’ve got some ravioli in the back Don; we could share some meaty cushions…”

5 Jill invites Don and Cath for dinner at her place.  Whilst Cath is stranded outside in her wheelchair, being attacked by a yappy little mutt, Jill asks “would you stomach a bit of tongue Don” suggestively before listing the contents of her meaty buffet: ox, lamb, deer, sheep, duck…” utterly grim.

4 At the very same dinner party, Jill informs Cathy not to worry about the meat she’s just been served as “it’s mostly gristle” and then presents Don with “smashed prawns in a milky basket”.

3 Whenever Sue eats anything Jill (totally deadpan) asks: “how many of those have you had Sue…”. Literally genius.

2 Whilst pretending to give birth, Jill shouts to Glen “It’s a bloodbath in here”, his response: “it’s like a lamb bhuna out here…” makes me laugh and feel very very wrong all at once.

1 And last but not least, Jill’s oft-remarked lament: “Cappucinno’d be nice..”

So, how’s you? And did I miss any classic moments?? x


4 Responses to “Smell my cheese you mother: Nighty Night”

  1. Hollie February 19, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

    The classic ‘Angel Delight suicide pact’, where Jill persuades Glen to first take the rapt for murdering Gordon and Terry (mercy-killings) and then suggests that they commit suicide together. Having got Glen to eat poisoned Angel Delight, she brilliant says, “I’m not really hungry”.

    Also, I completely agree with your number one. Nighty Night genius.

    • wouldliketoeat February 20, 2010 at 10:39 am #

      Very good point Hollie! She is a genius. An evil genius… love it. I didn’t include it but when she offers to take “Catherine Wheels” out for an afternoon tea and then drops her off at the bottom of the hill and drives up to the top to park before making Cath pay over-the-odds for petrol (or it just gets nasty…) is also horrendously good.

  2. WANDERLUST ZINE November 30, 2011 at 12:08 pm #

    LOVE! One of my favourite shows!

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