You Got Served: Home-made Bunting

15 Feb
I heart tea too.

 Home-made crafty things are perfect for recessionistas (sure we’re officially out of the downturn, but 0.1% growth, come on!) who want the prettys without shelling out the hard cash. Bunting is ace because a)it can be made for free if you have the right stuff knocking about your place, or costs about 50p max b) it screams PARTY! but in a gentle, civilised way and c) it has a kitsch kind-of celebrating-the-Jubilee charm which is just fab.

I made mine using cereal boxes (how Blue Peter is that?!) cut into triangles and painted the side I wasn’t using black (as otherwise when the light shone through when I hung it by the window and people would be able to see that I like Dorset Cereal for kids..) and then used pink paint and a big black marker pen, the kind I think I would take to Bingo if I ever became a lady of leisure, to fill in my letters and heart. I tied it together using pink ribbon.

It cost nothing at all and looks (if I say so myself) very cute. To say that a child could have done it is no exaggeration. They could have done it better in fact, as when I initially assembled the letters it said: ‘E-K-A-C-<3-I’. Whoops!! A child would have probably done it the right way round from the get-go. I hung it up in my flat about six months ago when I hosted an afternoon tea party and I haven’t wanted to take it down since… because, clearly, I heart bunting as well as cake!


One Response to “You Got Served: Home-made Bunting”

  1. Rob Ward February 16, 2010 at 9:57 am #

    Hi Hannah,
    It’s Rob from Dorset Cereals. I’ve been reading through your great blog and thought seeing you’re clearly already a Dorset Cereals fan and a food lover you might be interested that we have created two amazingly moreish dark chocolate Granola recipes. If you fancy we can send you some samples to try and if you’d like to do a competition on your blog we’d love to give some packs to the winner as a prize!

    If you’re at all interested please email me at

    Hope to hear from you soon,


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