Recipe: Trucker’s Breakfast

14 Feb

Girl-portion on left, Boy-portion on right.

I am not sure if the Ice-Road Truckers (I freaking love that show!) would tuck into this breakfast on a Sunday morning, but I do like to think so…

I am still a beginner in the kitchen and don’t know about you, but find that some of the seemingly easiest things to cook make me quite nervous. Eggs, for example are a tricky one – how can you check they’re still fresh, how long to soft-boil? I ALWAYS end up googling Delia to check! And so this is a simple fry-up but if you get it right you can guarantee credits with your girlfriend/boyfriend/family/flat-mates all day long!

To buy (this is for 2 people):

*nice coffee/tea   *2 english muffins   *Danish bacon   *Juicy sausages   *3 free-range medium eggs   *big knob of  butter   *6 tbsp milk   *salt and pepper

To make:

1. Turn your grill on, and pop your sausages on a tin lined with baco-foil, cook for about 15 minutes or so on a high heat (my grill is pretty slow…) and turn them regularly and brown on all sides.

2. Crack the 3 eggs into a jug, add the milk and season well. I keep my eggs in a bowl out of the fridge and sometimes forget how old they are. Delia says that you can tell how fresh they are by placing in a tumbler of cold water: completely horizontal means it’s fresh, if it tilts up slightly or is semi-horizontal it’s a week or so old and if it is vertical then it’s stale. Thanks Delia!

3. When the sausages are looking almost-there add the bacon to the tray and get grilling.

4. Meanwhile add a generous knob of butter to a non-stick pan, pour the eggs in and let them cook for a minute or so, fold the eggs gently and let them cook. Pop the muffins into the toaster and stick the kettle on.

5. The eggs should be folded (not mixed or scrambled) a few times and should be juicy and sloppy, whilst they’re still wobbly, take the pan off the heat and leave to cook for half a minute or so.

6. Brew your coffee or tea and mug it, butter your muffins and pour on the eggs, and whack the meat on the plate. Ketchup as you wish, grab the paper and tuck-in.

For lots of people this would be stupidly easy but I do believe that if you can confidently carry off the basics and make honest food that tastes good it will make you – and your family and friends – very happy. What more can you ask for?


One Response to “Recipe: Trucker’s Breakfast”

  1. Josh February 14, 2010 at 6:59 pm #

    I ate it, and it was good.

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