Guilty Pleasures: Diet Coke

13 Feb
Contents of cup may differ from packaging.

Roller-cola as I like to call it, is another in the long list of things that I like more than I think I probably should. It’s not just that it is a super mixer in drinks (the lipsmacking Cuba Libre for one)… nor that it aids hangover after one too many of those well-mixed drinks, it’s just so refreshing and reassuringly good.

When I went travelling to India I remember being in Rajasthan, when it was piping hot (47 degrees c!) with the sun beating down on my poor pale freckles traipsing around looking for those illicit silver and red cans only to find full-fat coke wherever I went. On the lucky occasion when a shop-keeper did stock the precious caramel liquid my giddiness was quite hysterical.

The “diet coke break” adverts are legendary – although I’m yet to see a builder that hot, for shame… – and the packaging that coca cola have always used is amazing.  To this day one of my favourite knick-knacks is my Enjoy Sarajevo mug which mocks the famous design.

But why guilt and not just the pleasure? Well, for one thing I already drink an insane amount of tea. If I were to count the cups it would scare me, so I haven’t, but it’s alot. That’s a fair stack of caffeine coursing through my veins. And what about all of those Aspartame rumours? And the one that said diet drinks cause holes in the brains of lab-rats… old-fashioned bad science? I dunno.

What I do know is the bubby brilliance of it just knocks the socks off other fizzy pop drinks. Yummy.


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