Review: Rodizio Brazil

11 Feb
Tender moments

Address: 26 Putney High Street

Telephone: 020 8780 1750


Before I say anything, I must say – and no smirking at the back of the class – that it’s not everyday that a strange man offers me his meat sword, but in Rodizio this is all perfectly normal, decent and carried off with honest charm.

Located just near Putney Bridge, this Brazilian style steakhouse offers diners the chance to eat unlimited cuts of barbequed meat. For under £15 it’s a beef-fest of truly epic proportions! On offer was Calabresa (flamed sausage), Frango a Passarinho (crispy chicken), Juicy sirloin steak, pork belly, Coraҫӑ (chicken hearts) and other chunks of meat that I completely failed to identify! The sirloin steak must get special props for being cooked to perfection. Juicy, rare and literally dripping – it was sublime.

Washing down my meal with Brahma and totally failing to adhere to the golden rule of buffets (don’t fill up on bread!) I took full advantage of the salad bar and gorged on all manner of tasty sides: juicy asparagus, grilled mixed vegetables, fried bananas, beans and rice. It was all too much though and after a while I was pleading for the traffic light on our table to be turned from green to red.

The meal was finished with a few cuts of pineapple – that had been coated in sugar and spices and grilled – and were utterly sweet and subtle and juicy. The whole experience was fun and the men with the skewers made us feel welcome and talked us through the dishes beautifully.

The only drawbacks were that it could be a tad pricey to opt-in to the buffet if you’re not intending on eating like a hungry peasant and that the atmosphere could have been livelier.  Certainly my friends enjoyed it – the boys at the table in particular looked like they were in heaven as skewer after skewer made an appearance – and if you can brave the prospect of the dreaded meat-sweats then do give it a go!

7 Stars (*******)


2 Responses to “Review: Rodizio Brazil”

  1. Anonymous February 12, 2010 at 10:33 am #

    Brazilian restaurants are really unique. And I have to say I disagree with you slightly – I think they are excellent value for the style of food they are. Those cuts of beef etc would cost £15 for one piece let alone several.

    We are in a recession though….

    • wouldliketoeat February 12, 2010 at 1:17 pm #

      I take your point.. I think for those with a big hungry belly, especially, they offer amazing value. Very well said.

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