Rude Food – Part 1

8 Feb

Spaghetti Alphabetty

Whilst I am positive that no upstanding reader of this blog would ever spend time at work interslacking and looking up rude words on urban dictionary, there are some that are less diligent, and for whom these words will most likely come as no surprise!

A quick flick this evening, through my ‘Dictionary of Slang’ revealed that:

* ‘Biscuit’ – has through the years referred to 1. a young woman (mid 19th century – her being sweet and/or good enough to eat), 2. a pistol/handgun (1940s US) in that “one snaps it” and 3. a type of shoe worn for comfort rather than style and favoured by older people (1980s US)

* That ‘Bread’ could refer to 1. money (late 18th Century), 2. a Black person (20th Century US), 3. a ladypart (1950-1960s Black US) or that in 20th Century rhyming slang ‘Bread and Butter’ means in the Gutter.

*Hamburger has come to represent 1. a stupid or worthless person (1940s US – as in “he has no more brains than…), 2. mangled flesh (1940s US- in the Vietnam war, Hamburger Hill was thus nicknames as so many soldiers were killed and wounded) and 3. a 1980s term for MDMA because the round-shape looked like an ecstasy tablet.

You know we’ve all heard of “a Gravy Train”, but did you know that “Gravy Ring” is a word from Ulster referring to a doughnut, and that “gravy” can refer to money (1910s US), semen (mid 18th Century) or drugs (1960s – for the mix of blood and heroin). I often hear of the “Big Cheese” but “Cheese” is also an Aussie 1950s term for one’s girlfriend, a 1950s term for farting (“who cut the cheese”) and a 1910s euphemism for Jesus.

Amazing, no?


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