Recipe: Kiwi Martini

7 Feb

Totally tropical!

This is a Friday night bevvie which my boyfriend’s Pa – Howard – whipped up and boy does it hit the spot. Sweet and syrupy, fruity with a powerful kick, it is easypeasy to make and went down like a dream:

To buy:

*kiwi fruit   *sugar syrup (made up with half water/half sugar)   *vodka   *crushed ice   *lime

1. Chop the kiwi, leaving a few slices for garnish and in a cocktail shaker muddle and mash it up.

2. Add a big splash of sugar syrup (this is made, the same day or just before and can be kept in the fridge, by mixing equal measures of sugar and water) and keep muddling the cocktail.

3. Throw in a giant splash of vodka – loads, yeah! – add plenty of ice and shake. Pretend you’re Tom Cruise in cocktail, it’s more fun that way.

4. Pour into a cocktail glass and add a squirt of lime to the glass, garnish with a slice of kiwi, kick back and relax.


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