Recipe – Crispy Chilli Beef

31 Jan

Beef and oodles of noodles.

Asian food is so freaking good. The months I spent travelling in Vietnam, India, Cambodia and Thailand were some of the tastiest ever and I never ever got bored of the eating. And somehow it didn’t make my jeans strain – a result!  So fresh, hot and fragrant. This dinner – from a goodfood recipe – is spicy, sticky and quite a treat. A bit naughty, it would be perfect for a hot hot date!

To buy:

*Wok Oil   *300g thinly sliced sirloin beef tossed in lots of cornflour   *broccoli florets from a small head, sliced   *2 garlic cloves thinly sliced   *large chunk of ginger thinly chopped   *1 tsp chilli flakes   *small bunch spring onions, sliced diagonally   *4tbsp soy sauce sweetened with 5 tbsp brown sugar   *juice of 1 large lime   *egg noodles   *sesame seeds   *handful of coriander

To make:

1. In a hot wok, warm a big shake of oil until it’s really hot.  Fry the beef in batches until it’s really crispy, drain and place on kitchen-roll. Rest the beef for a few minutes.

2. Heat your plates or bowls in the oven and add 2 nests of noodles to boiling salted water. Boil for about 5 minutes and drain in cold water, fry the noodles with coriander and sesame seeds. Split, pop on the plates and keep hot in the oven.

3. Now, pour away most of the used oil from the wok and fry the broccoli, ginger, garlic and chilli for about a minute. Then chuck in the sweet soy sauce and lime juice. Cook for another two minutes.

4. Add the crispy beef and spring onions and toss in the wok. Serve with the noodles and an ice cold beer. Nom nom nom.

Tasty tasty scoffs.


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