Recipe: Cinnamon Toast

28 Jan
Melts my heart
Some mornings are a real struggle – the alarm goes off too soon, I discover I fell asleep with my make-up on AGAIN and the outfit I wanted to wear is in no-fit-state. My bike’s got a puncture, I can’t find my keys, and oh, it’s raining. We all have THOSE mornings, right? For those nasty days there is one thing that can help with the bleakness: cinnamon toast.

To buy:

*Good quality bread *a small spoon of sugar *big pinch of cinnamon *salty butter

To make:

1. Pop the toast under the grill or in the toaster.

2. Stick the kettle on and make that desperately needed-brew.

3. I use an egg cup and mix in it the cinnamon and sugar to taste.

4. Stare outside the window and work out how you’re going to survive the day – you can do it champ!

5. Lavishly spread your butter over the toast and sprinkle the sugary-cinnamon on top.

6. If it’s a REALLY bad day then cut your toast into an amusing or happy shape. Perhaps a thumbs-up or a big tick!?

7. Scoff (avoiding getting crumbs and butter down your work outfit if possible).

It’s also extra awesome in bed on a lazy Saturday morning or any time before going out for a pick-me-up. Yummy.



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