Food on Film: Sideways

27 Jan

...glug glug glug...

If there is anything that can rival good food in getting me excited it’s wine: good or bad. I am a complete peasant when it comes to wine and will generally knock anything back. In University I very happily worked my way through a box of Blue Nun and even when I go to France I manage to plump for the cheapo nasty bottles. But there is something about wine that produces a strange giddiness in me- a feeling that is at once hyper and also laconic- which I love.
This 2004 movie is one of my all-time favourites which explores food and drink, friendship and love and the way that life, with its string-pearl disappointments can break your heart. The main character Miles (the stunning Paul Giamatti) a wine-o, a lazy teacher and a struggling novelist, who together with his plucky best friend – the awesome Thomas Haden Church – drives through California, guzzling wine, cheating, eating and getting into trouble. The film tenderly explores how food and wine binds us to our relationships, Maya talks about how when you drink a glass of wine you can reflect on the pursuits you were following at the time the grapes were growing. It is lush and mean and funny and poignant. The lines “I’m not drinking any f**king merlot” and “are you chewing gum” nearly had me spitting out my pinot! A celebration of the imperfections and generosity of life.


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