Guilty Pleasures: Chips and Mayo

25 Jan

Perfect ratio of chips to mayo.

In answer to that perennial question: Daddy or Chips, there is one clause which needs addressing before I can answer. Is mayo involved? If affirmative, then so long Pa, I am sure you’d do the same.

Mayo and chips are sheer brilliance on several fronts.

Anything that makes chips EVEN more naughty: like loads of salt, cheese or gravy instantly transforms them from a-ok to abso-ruddy-lutely phenomenal.

They ALWAYS taste amazing when you’re drunk. FACT.

They used to seem dangerously continental: “What, no ketchup? No brown sauce – you wufter, get away with you…” although ever since Pulp Fiction they seem a bit mainstream.

They just rule ok.

Disagree? Thought of your own guilty pleasure and have a pic of you devouring the  ‘culinary offender?’ please email me at and share your filthy food secrets with me!! Hannah x


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