Review: Oval Market

23 Jan

Every Saturday.

The Oval Market is found at St. Mark’s Churchyard, The Oval, Kennington, London SE11 4PW, every Saturday from 10am (so I am told, I doubt I’m ever up and at it that early!!) until 3pm. It consists of about 15 or so stalls and is small but perfectly formed. There are places to get fresh crepes, hot apple juice or gorgeous burgers and sometimes there are junk stalls or plant tents but mostly it’s the incredible home-made  food.

My favourite stalls are:

– the jam one (I forget the name) but they sell THE best grapefruit jam EVER.

– Giggly pigs: the nicest bangers I’ve ever had in SO many flavours. The spicy garlic ones are insanely good.

– The Cake-hole: run by a sweet girl, it’s a kitsch stall and she sells the most delicious and super generous slices of cake and chocolate brownies that are out of this world. Yum.

The veggie stalls are great and I’ve bought amazing truffles, great meat and smoked cheese. All in this place is wonderful. Much better value than larger markets – a real find.

**********(10) Stars


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