Guilty Pleasure: Beer

21 Jan

...glug glug glug.

Ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper my dad would drink, every night, glass after glass of special brew (don’t ask)… as a result I thought beer tasted nasty, smelt bad and made you get a fat belly.

Turns out only one of those things is true.

For years and years I stuck to spirits, the odd cheap bottle of wine and if very lucky a cocktail or two, yum yum, but then one day whilst travelling in Vietnam, and eating really spicy food I had a bottle of beer. What a ripsnorter. It was delicious. Refreshing, smooth, lipsmackingly good.

I don’t have beers all that often as they tend to make me go a bit doolally but now and again – on a hot summer’s day or when scoffing a piping hot curry, a nice cold jar really hits the spot!!


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