Intros: We be burnin’ (Calories)

20 Jan

my trusty steed.

  It can’t all be troughing and scoffing. When you love frocks as much as cheese and cake something has to give, right? – unless it’s to be the button on your jeans! – and so to keeping fit.

I like to keep trim (love that word) by cycling my lovely bike, Pete, to work and all over London. He’s light and fast and the sheer adreneline (London traffic = shredded nerves) seems to help burn off the calories. However, I have been spectacuarly lame recently as the snow has forced me onto the bus. Boo. I have also almost entirely quit running, a big shame as it was reported this week that it improves memory, and anyway, once I’m out there pounding the pavements it really makes me happy, it seems in short a cure to all ills.

I intend to start being waaaay more active henceforth. If only so the pie tastes even better once I’ve earnt it.


2 Responses to “Intros: We be burnin’ (Calories)”

  1. Sambo February 10, 2010 at 4:01 pm #

    Ah…bless my socks that’s a fine looking chrome horse you got there!

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