Guilty Pleasure: Mini Cheddars

20 Jan

Brain food.

  Who doesn’t love a good pub quiz. The tension as the scores are read out, the satisfaction when you get a hard question right, the unfettered competition with rival quizzers and the unadulterated joy of coming up with a pun-tastic team name- a perfect combo for a nerdy night out.

But, what to eat at a pub quiz. Something cheap? Of course. The prize hasn’t been won yet, now is no time to be extravagant.  Something naughty? Why yes – you’re in a pub. A grubby pint of cider and a light rocket salad seem like unhappy bedfellows.

I opt for something that although unproven to improve memory retention and recall has never failed me yet… why, the humble Mini Cheddar. Found almost everywhere. Great to chew and even better to share, maybe. The mini cheddar has it all going on. It tastes vaguely healthy (baked not fried) but you know it isn’t really. It is deliciously more-ish and truly, tastes like victory.


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