Food on Film: Like Water for Chocolate

20 Jan

This feast for the senses, a Mexican flick from 1992, shows a girl Tita who’s dreary life, spent cooking for her mother, is enflamed by her love for a young moustachio-d man.

When Tita’s mother refuses to let the couple get together, Tita takes revenge by expressing her passion through her food. In one scene she cooks a meal and is overcome with sadness. She weeps into the pot as she cooks. Later when her meal is served to guests they are overcome with abject sorrow and wail and sob.  Full of magic-realism, romance and mystery this is a film in love with love, food and life.


2 Responses to “Food on Film: Like Water for Chocolate”

  1. Laura January 21, 2010 at 3:17 pm #

    Best book ever – a fave of mine…AND it had all the recipes in!


  2. The Boss January 22, 2010 at 12:54 pm #

    Also its the title of probably the best Common record:

    There’s an interview where Common talks about how the title came from the film …. quote below:

    “Actually the album is named after a movie of the same title. In the movie the main character was a really good cook. She would always be cooking for people. Whenever she would cook, she would really put a lot of emotion into it. So when people would eat her cooking, they were able to feel the same emotions she felt while cooking it. You feel me? So this is the same thing. I put all my heart, my mind and my rawness into these tracks. So I hope that people can feel that when they listen to the album.”

    You feel me?

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