Recipe: Fairy Cakes

18 Jan

no fairies were harmed in the baking of these cakes.

My recipe for fairycakes is quick, simple and easy to adjust for when you want to make minty, choccy, coco-nutty or any other kind of different flavour cake. Vanilla is old fashioned to me though, and pretty yummy. The hundreds and thousands on these cakes were bought in a little French village and sort-of resemble the colours of a French student’s backpack. A good thing surely.

To buy:

*2 free range  large eggs   *4oz sugar   *4oz melted salty butter   *4oz self-raising flour   *vanilla extract and then for icing:  *6oz icing sugar   *4oz butter   *a lick of milk   *something to sprinkle.

To make:

1.  Preheat the oven to 180Oc/Gas Mark 4 and lay out about 15 cupcake cases in a baking tin.

2. In a squeaky clean bowl, whisk the eggs and sugar until it is light and fluffy.  Gradually add the flour and butter and then fold in.

3. When smooth and yellow-y spoon the mixture equally into the cupcake cases.

4. Pop in the oven, on a middle shelf and cook for about 10 mins. Keep an eye on them though – they should go golden brown and be a bit springy when you touch them. In my oven when I start to smell them then I know they’re nearly there. Leave to cool on a wire rack.

5. Meanwhile, mix the icing sugar, butter and a lick of milk, until the icing has a shiny and slightly stiff texture. Add the flavourings/colours now, in this case the vanilla extract. Pile the icing really high on the cakes and use a fork to pattern the frosting. If you’re feeling really posh then pipe onto the cakes.

6. Add sprinkles, chocolate or sweeties as you see fit. Retro stylings and messy fairycakes rock my world!

I love fairycakes. The perfect size for an afternoon treat with a cup of earl grey or glass of milk. They just do the trick!


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