Food on Film: Hook

18 Jan

Thinking about Hook – a Spielberg kid’s movie from 1991 – I really start to question whether my film degree was a good investment.  It’s fair to say that this movie was universally panned but still, I love it. From Robin Williams acting out Big-like fantasies of staying forever young, Dustin Hoffman in the eponymous role managing to scare the children or to Julia Roberts as a cute and frisky tinkerbell, I adore it so.  “RUFIO” – a childhood crush that I don’t remotely regret – was a name that my brother and I would shout to one another across the house for years whilst we were growing up, much to my parent’s joy I don’t doubt and it was all so swashbuckling and silly…  The food bit though, wow. There’s an amazing scene when the kids are seated at a table. The plates are empty and tummys are rumbling, but then they imagine really hard that they’re presented with dinner and a Technicolor feast appears. I still remember the vibrancy of the food – bright blues and reds and yellows – it looked soooo good – and the fun the kids had at stuffing it all into their mouths before descending into a food fight was truly epic. Must recreate some day…


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