Review: Fika, Swedish Bar and Grille, Brick Lane.

17 Jan
..or perhaps a reindeer. I don’t know

Address: 161a Brick Lane, London, E1 6SB

Phone: 020 7613 2013


I went to this Place on Friday with a bunch of mates and was so hungry and so busy boozing that I forgot to take any pictures. So here’s a reindeer photo I took in Stockholm last year. I hope that’ll give you the gist. 

So to this Swedish place in the heart of East London… an honourable mention to the staff who were helpful and charming, if not a little bashful. The decor was Swedish-ly stylish. A reindeer motif throughout with unusual paintings and lots of pine making it quite sauna-esque, but in a good way. Apart from the slightly grizzly toilets, the place was laid-back and cosy .

The food was pretty good. I tried all of the starters:  savoury waffles with cheese, gravad lax, pickled herring , reindeer salami and knackebrod and everything  here was reasonably priced and tasty. I shared reindeer sausages and kykcling planka (grilled herby chicken served on a plank) for dinner and this was so-so. The reindeer had a chemical taste and was insanely dense but it was good fun and the meal was presented beautifully. The chicken came in a chilli sauce, a fine reflection of the restaurant’s setting in Brick Lane.

After a round of schnapps we shared a bunch of desserts. Chocolate brownie, coffee cake, waffle stacks and waffle and vanilla icecream. Holy moly! They were utterly divine and left grinning faces around the table. All in all it came to about £30 each with plenty of booze. Very good.

The service though. Blimey. We were all fairly famished, after pub-time and a hard day’s work but everything seemed to take aaaaages to arrive. We waited an hour for both starters and the main course and if the banter hadn’t been so good we would have been quite grumpy I am sure.

Shady toilets and long waits aside this place was convivial and served unusual but tasty fare. 

Stars: ******* (7)


2 Responses to “Review: Fika, Swedish Bar and Grille, Brick Lane.”

  1. Dissatisfied Diner January 19, 2010 at 9:41 am #

    I’ve been to this place and would only give it a maximum of three stars. I agree it has a unique style and atmosphere and while the food is tasty it is just not substantial nor worth the price. Waiting so long for each course was galling and I left as hungry as when I arrived.

    Overall the food is standard not great, the service is poor not good, and you had better be prepared to be in it for the long run when you go there.

    • wouldliketoeat January 19, 2010 at 12:38 pm #


      well, I can see that Fika didn’t rock your world and I can see why you went for the 3* rating. Sometimes it is hard when thinking about a restaurant to distinguish an overall dining experience from the actual quality of the food/service.

      In retrospect the food at Fika was a bit iffy and the service was dire. Shame as it has so much potential.

      Thanks for your comment! Hannah.

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